UA for Every Genre

Be it Action, Adventure, Card, RPGs, Sports or Strategy we have the audience for you.

Incent & Non Incent UA

Are you looking for an incentivized burst or a methodically developed user base? We are game for both.

Pay for Performance

We have inbound media buying services basing on proven CPA/CPI model to accelerate your game growth.

Optimized Volumes

To get the maximum results, we optimize our traffic sources across direct publishers, social and search, video, DSP solutions and mobile ad networks.

"Every mobile game is made to be "played". We help the world discover amazing games, and each game, an amazing world"

About Us

Our roots are in mobile entertainment sector. In 2015, Yelohi stepped into the mobile user acquisition world with major brand advertisers in India. As we discovered that Mobile Games convert better within our capabilities, we have shifted our focus to Mobile Game User Acquisition entirely. UA for mobile games has come to an all new world of competition. At this moment in time, getting users for your precious game is becoming harder and harder. Developers are releasing more and more apps on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store every single day. This increase in competition means you need to have the best user acquisition partner who understands the pulse of Game UA. At Yelohi we believe in developing strategies for each partner and implement them as a project plan for your UA.

Our Strategies in Mobile Game UA


Data management and modeling

Everyone is tracking data today. As a Game Developer, you have your marketing data. Similarly, we do store our performance data against game types, genres, heaviness of the app, countries, channels, traffic sources as well as end user engagements. We put this data to work in order to analyze which channel or publisher would bring us the best results for each Game we promote.


Campaign management

Ultimately, it is about how well we manage each campaign everyday. We have a meticulous team that works behind the scene to make sure each campaign is screened and optimized every two hours through experimentation (A/B tests on different creative sets, etc.), optimization (changing targeting parameters and updating campaign bids), and reporting.


Exploration of new channels, tools, and services

Perhaps the most overlooked skill in mobile marketing is the ability to find new and innovative ways to optimize the budgets. We have a dedicated team that efficiently works towards building our direct publisher base as well as try innovative tools and services that can improve our competence and reduce advertiser costs.

5 Mobile Game UA Strategies To Reduce User Acquisition Cost

Try Various UA Partners

Most of the studios we know work with 5+ UA partners: Most of them have between 5 and 20 partners.

Find Transparent & Direct Partners

Transparency is a key factor when choosing a new partner. It is good to get the app names of the publishers when they run your game campaign.

Optimize Your Campaigns

Keep track of several KPIs to optimize your campaigns : in-app purchases, retention are important optimization metrics. Blacklist/whitelist publishers and apply a different payout per publisher.

Dabble In Video Ads

8 out of 10 advertisers declare that video is the best ad format in terms of performance (volume of installs) and KPIs (retention, in-app purchases).

Maximize Cross Marketing

There are various ways to do Cross Marketing: banners within the game, emails, push notifications… Some studios set a specific CPM (Cost Per Thousand) floor under which they prefer to do cross-promotion rather than monetizing their traffic through advertising.

Why Yelohi for your mobile User Acquisition?

We aim profitable relationships

We want to work with our partners for ever. Hence there is no compromise on quality, proactiveness and trust. Our ultimate goal is to increase the ROI of your product, so that you stick with us, and we grow together.

Game UA. That's What our Chore is

Game UA is what we have been doing. We have learned to do it smartly, and still learning to make it better. We want to be the world's most trusted Game UA company, just the way you want to be the most loved Game company in the world.

Hard KPIs are welcome

Nobody likes hard KPIs because that is linked to payments. We don't mind working with Hard KPIs, as we know what can be achieved and what can not be.

Dedicated Personalized AMs

We provide you with smart Account Managers who are handy with every tracking platforms you work with, and can regularly optimize, analyze and improvise the performance..

Transparency Guaranteed

It is really difficult to optimize when there is no transparency. Yelohi is fully transparent and we provide granular reporting on traffic sources and creative efficiency.

We are global

You are working with a global partner so that you are never short of the critical reach you aim in a certain target country. We have publishers across all countries.

Are You a Publisher?

Is your website or app capable of generating good quality installs for world's best mobile games? Join with us as a publisher and unlock every cent of value from your hard-earned mobile traffic. Sign up as a publisher today.

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